We are offering a vast range of home and kitchen appliances, currently there are 300 plus Kenwood products available in the market nationwide which are designed and engineered according to your needs. Our objective is to bring an ease in your life and provide a healthier environment. Stay at home and get your hands on your favourite Kenwood products online with free delivery! Stay home, stay safe and order online!

Safety Tips

About Refrigerators

Store your vegetables in containers with tightly sealed lids.Better yet, wash them thoroughly and prep them for the week before they go into the fridge and you’ll find most of your prep work done when dinnertime rolls around on a busy week night.

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About Appliances

Keep appliances at a safe distance from wet areas, especially in the bathroom, kitchen, garage, or basement. Keep potentially flammable items, such as furniture, clothes, or curtains, away from heaters or appliances that produce heat.

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About electricity

Don’t use extension cords. You can obtain a junction box that has built-in GFI (ground fault interrupters). This will allow you extra plug in space and the GFI will kick in if there is a power shortage. Helps avoid water/electrical shock accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I expect a new
system to last?

If proper care is taken, Kenwood AC can last to a very long time but company gives warranty of 3 years on Compressors & 1 year on other parts.

Where is your display center?

We do not have any display center, but our dealership network is spread far and wide. You can call our call center 111-764-111, to find out dealership in your vicinity.

Does lower Tone AC guarantee lower electricity bill?

Not necessarily, AC should be bought according to the size of room. If it misfits the size, it will have to run more to cool the room resulting in higher electricity bill.

About Kenwood

Kenwood has a respectable place in the market as it is one of the market leaders in the industry of appliances operating globally. It’s been 18 years when Kenwood stepped into Pakistan market with the coalition of RNI electrical Appliances Pvt. Limited. Kenwood Provided Innovative solutions to consumers across the country in both Home and Kitchen Appliances having a state of art assembling facility in Karachi back in 2004. Kenwood Pakistan, since its inception, has focused on delivering high quality products followed with our innovative designs and our stand out engineering and technology aspects which has made all our products i.e. A.C, washing machine, refrigerators, freezers and kitchen appliances unique from other brands available in market.
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